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Brunch at Jim’s Lake

I drove out to Jim’s Lake this morning.  It’s a small private lake on the eastern side of Hutchinson Co. I hadn’t been there since May and although I have permission from the landowner I still feel a little uncomfortable there There are a couple of families that live around the lake and until last…

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Yellow Warbler

I don’t see a lot of warblers here in Hutchinson Co.  There’s not a lot of trees for them for one thing, and the trees we do have are scrub pines, mesquite, and cottonwoods, mostly, so the type of warblers we get have to be the types that like shorter, scrubbier trees.  We also have…

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Summer Raptors

The fields and pastures of the Llano Estacado support a wide variety of birds of prey. Red-tailed Hawks, Ferruginous Hawks, American Kestrels, Barn Owls, great Horned Owls, and Eastern Screech Owls live here year round. Winter brings Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles (but I’ve yet to get a good photo of one,) Sharp-shinned Hawks, Cooper’s Hawks,…

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It’s New to Me

Well, that didn’t go as well as I had hoped.  I’ve not been happy with the web hosting site I’ve been using since I started the blog-it was incredibly slow which made it a chore to post new photos, so I migrated over to  The posts made the trip but a lot of the…


Yellow-billed Cuckoo

I consider myself lucky to see Yellow-billed Cuckoos once or twice a year, but this year I’ve spotted one four different times. They are medium-sized birds related to the much more common (at least around here) and somewhat larger Greater Roadrunner. They lay their eggs over a week or so in a rather flat nest. Occasionally…

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Brown-headed Cowbird

Brown-headed Cowbirds are considered to be a bit of a pest.  They are brood parasites, meaning they lay their eggs in other species nests and leave the work of raising them to the host parents.  Ornithologists point out that this behavior was beneficial for their nomadic life-style. Before the arrival of Europeans and their cattle,…

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Time Flies

Time sure gets away from me.  I’ve not published anything in a month.  I have been birding, just not as much as usual, lots of things vying for my time.  Some of the them I wish I could just skip, work and mowing spring to mind.  Others are things I should have been doing all…


American Wigeon

There is still an odd duck or two on the ponds at Spring Canyon.  I saw this lone American Wigeon on the large pond early the other morning.


Palo Duro Reservoir

I drove up to Palo Duro Reservoir north of Spearman, Texas a few days ago and logged one of the highest species counts I’ve ever had-31 different birds in about 3 hours of hiking and driving around the lake and the area below the dam.  One of the sightings was a Swainson’s Thrush.  They aren’t…


Red-tailed Hawk

I’ve been watching a Great Horned Owl raise her babies since Valentine’s Day. On May 11 there was a huge fire at Lake Meredith that destroyed over 200 homes and buildings and damaged a hundred or so more.  The bright spot of this disaster was that there were no deaths or even serious injuries, but…