Semi=palmated Plover (6) (1024x653)

Rainy Day at Palo Duro Lake

When I left my house the weather was clear, no wind, a beautiful sunrise.  By the time a got to the lake an hour or so later it was very cloudy and raining on and off.  It continued to rain until I left the lake. By the time I got home it was clear again.…

Ladder-backed Woodpecker (155) (1024x724)

Ladder-backed Woodpecker

The weekend was beautiful with moderate temps, clear skies, and no wind-unfortunately I had to work. This morning I left the station before sunup and headed to Spring Canyon and as it started to lighten the clouds rolled in and the winds started gusting. Just my luck.  The last two weeks have been overcast almost…

Osprey (11) (1024x648)

More of the Osprey at Spring Canyon

There’s been an Osprey at Spring Canyon for the last week or two.  I’ve also seen him fly over the dam and have sighted him at Cedar Canyon fishing off of Fritch Fortress.  He a beautiful bird and I was lucky enough to get a few shots of him a few days ago as he…

Western Tanager (4) (1024x722)

Western Tanager

I went back out to Palo Duro Canyon this morning.  I had to be at RAC meetings (a Regonal Advisory Committee for EMs and Trauma hospitals) in Amarillo in the afternoon and they are so incredibly boring that I though I’d spend the morning birding in order to soothe my soul before that ordeal.  The…

Ladder-backed Woodpecker (138) (1024x684)

Ladder-backed Woodpecker

I saw this Ladder-Backed Woodpecker at Spring Canyon this morning.  Ladder-backs are year-round residents and I see them quite frequently, not only at the lake but in town as well.  This female was kind enough to pose for me as she searched for breakfast in a mesquite tree.

Rock Wren (138) (1024x765)

Rock Wren on Red Rocks

Rock Wrens are one of my favorite birds.  They are bold, loud, and quick, and they bob up and down as they sing.  I watched this guy hunting bugs on a red sandstone (or clay maybe, the particles were pretty fine) cliff out at Lake Meredith’s Harbor Bay.  I actually took about 20 photos but it…

Wilson's Warbler (1024x635)

Kids at the Park

My work week ended Monday morning at 0700 and I decided to drive down to Palo Duro Canyon, a state park about an hour south of where I live.  I stopped for a few minutes at a playa near the town of Panhandle, Tx that has water in for the first time since last fall.…

Solitary Sandpiper (26) (1024x722)

In the Hour of Not Quite Rain

This morning was cool and cloudy, with hardly any wind-a great day for birding and walking around, but not for photography.  At Spring Canyon mists were rising off the water and everything was quiet.  I heard 3 Virginia Rails out in the cattail beds, but once again could’t spot a single one.  I made up…