Great Gettin’ up Morning

I got up early this morning, loaded the kayak into the back of the truck in the dark and drove out to Lake Meredith in time to watch the sunrise from the middle of the lake. I could hear a couple of hunters in the cattails at the far southwestern end of the lake and I…

Red-tailed Hawk (34) (1024x691)

Dark Days

Here’s more photographs from the last week. It’s been wonderfully rainy all week, but getting good shots of birds has been difficult. the lake is up a couple of inches, though, and that’s a nice turnaround from weeks and weeks of dropping levels. Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Eastern Phoebe Spotted Sandpiper Double-crested Cormorant Blue-winged Teal Great Blue…

Green Heron (53) (1024x665)

A Hunting Green Heron

We’ve finally gotten some much needed rain the last two weeks, but it has slowed my birding and kayaking quite a bit. Here’s a Green Heron hunting and fishing in the flooded beach at the Stilling Basin, a large pond below the dam at Lake Meredith in the Canadian River wetlands.

Turkey Vulture juvenile (13) (1024x683)


I posted my 180th bird sighting for the year today, my best year ever and it’s only 2/3rds gone.  My previous best was 171 back in 2013 and that year we took trips to the coast and to Missouri to see birds (okay, my parents live in Missouri,) and we didn’t get to the coast…

Great Blue Heron, Ring-billed Gull, Black and Forster's Terns (3) (1024x407)

Birds, Boats, and Beautiful Weather

We’ve had a rather dry summer so far this year, a return to the drought of the last decade or so, only not quite as bad as it was before. We were fortunate to have a really wet summer last year and our local lake went from nearly gone to about 25% capacity.  It’s still…

Curve-billed Thrasher (4) (1024x684)

Sittin’ in the Yard Drinking Beer

Today was a beautifully mild summer day, a real treat from the blazing hot, dry summer we’ve had so far. It rained last night and was cloudy most of today with a high temp around 90. I took advantage of the weather and went kayaking this morning and mowed this afternoon. After mowing I sat…

Black Tern (7) (1024x749)

Black Terns

Last week I took shots of some easy to photograph American Avocets.  This morning’s subjects were much more difficult and I never did get a really good one, but here’s a few photos of a few a about 7 or 8 Black Terns that were feeding on insects over the large pond at Spring Canyon.…

American Avocet (46) (1024x644)

American Avocet

I saw these American Avocets this morning while kayaking at Lake Meredith. I highly recommend buying a kayak if you want to take photographs of water fowl and shorebirds, it changes your perspective 180 degrees and gets you down on the level of the birds on the water.  The birds are a little skittish when…

Western Grebe (28) (1024x669)

More Photos from the Last Week of July

Canyon Towhees at Palo Duro State Park south of Amarillo White-faced Ibis at Lake Meredith Northern Mockingbird at Palo Duro Reservoir north of Spearman Eastern Kingbird at Palo Duro Reservoir Mississippi Kite Western Grebe at Lake Meredith Clark’s Grebe chick Great Blue Herons and Ring-billed Gulls at Lake Meredith Cattle Egrets at Meredith Grasshopper Sparrows…

Belted Kingfisher (9) (1024x629)

Belted Kingfisher

It’s been a good week for kayaking and I’m getting more and more comfortable taking my camera out with the new boat. I’ ve made about 18 miles around Lake Meredith in the last few days and have gotten some good pictures in the process, including this Belted Kingfisher.