Baltimore Oriole (6) (1024x679)

Baltimore Oriole

We have Bullock’s and Orchard Orioles all summer, but Baltimore Oriole’s are migrants through the Texas panhandle and I’ve never seen one around here. I had to drive all the way to Missouri (over 700 km) to add one to my Life List.

Pileated Woodpecker (4) (1024x642)

Pileated Woodpecker

This is my 300th blog post-quite a milestone, I guess. The first post was on Monday, February 5th, 2012, 1502 days ago. That works out to a bit over 1 post every 5 days, not the most prolific writer or photographer, maybe, but a pretty good pace for someone who has a job and a…

Burrowing Owl (10) (1024x679)

Burrowing Owl

I took a drive Sunday morning out state highway 207 south of Borger to  Carson County and came across a prairie dog town on county road 16. Nearly every prairie dog town has a few Burrowing Owls in residence and this one was no exception. I startled the owl when I got out of my…

Snowy Egret (4) (1024x641)

More Waders and Shorebirds

A few more photos of shorebirds and waders from around the panhandle I have a lot of trouble telling these apart from the Greater Yellowlegs, but I believe this bird is a Lesser Yellowlegs. The larger, out-of-focus bird is a female Northern Shoveler Spotted Sandpiper White-faced Ibis Cattle Egret Killdeer Snowy Egret Wilson’s Phalarope, Lesser Yellowlegs,…

Black-necked Stilt (3) (1024x684)

Buffalo Lake NWR

Buffalo Lake NWR is a mostly dry lake bed in Randall Co in the Texas Panhandle. There is a large pond still on the southern end of the Reserve with a bird blind and a few trails on the northern end. We used to go out there when I was in college for keg parties…

Northern Harrier (21) (1024x698)

Northern Harrier

It’s almost time for the Northern Harrier’s to head south for the summer. I’ll be sad to see them go. The trade off is that I saw the first Mississippi Kites of the season on Saturday. it was late evening and I wasn’t able to get any pictures of them, but I’ll post some as…

American Coot (14) (1024x658)


Spring Canyon has 4 ponds of differnt sizes, a half-mile long slough and acres and acres of wetlands. This spring has been one of the best for birds there since I started birding nearly 5 years ago. Heres a few of the waterfowl I saw out there last week. Northern Shoveler Common Merganser American Coot

Red-winged Blackbird (18) (1024x684)

Red-winged Blackbirds and Lark Sparrows

Red-winged Blackbirds are considered pests by the farmers around here, but they are strikingly beautiful birds, I think and I love the way they fill Spring Canyon with their song this time of year. The first three images are female and the last one is the male. Lark Sparrows have arrived and can be seen…

Greater Yellowlegs (47) (1024x690)


It’s raining buckets this morning and I postponed a trip south to Buffalo Lake NWR that had been planned with my wife and one of our daughters. We’ll try again next week when I get off work. Here are a few photographs of some shorebirds I saw at Spring Canyon earlier this week. Wilson’s Snipe…

Eared Grebe and Pied-billed Grebe (1) (1024x673)


Early Tuesday morning at Spring Canyon, in one of the smaller ponds, there were a couple of Grebes. One was a Pied-billed Grebe, which can be seen year round in Hutchinson County and the other, smaller one, was an Eared Grebe, which are Spring and Fall migrants. The pond was still and the light and the…