Eared Grebe and Pied-billed Grebe (1) (1024x673)


Early Tuesday morning at Spring Canyon, in one of the smaller ponds, there were a couple of Grebes. One was a Pied-billed Grebe, which can be seen year round in Hutchinson County and the other, smaller one, was an Eared Grebe, which are Spring and Fall migrants. The pond was still and the light and the…

American Bittern (7) (1024x684)

A Couple of Waders

There has been an American Bittern at Spring Canyon for the last week or so and I’ve been trying to get better pictures than the long distance ones that I posted last week. I got my chance this morning. There was actually two of them, but the other one was hidden in the cattails and…

Wild Turkey (18) (1024x683)

Now I Must be Off to Work

I’ve had a really good week off, lots of hiking, kayaking, and birding, but it’s back to work tomorrow. I’m very fortunate to have a job that allows so much time off, most of the time I only work 2 or 3 days a week, so I have lots of time to enjoy my hobbies.…

Wilson's Snipe (15) (1024x732)

Wilson’s Snipe

There’s been a small flock of Wilson’s Snipes at Spring Canyon for the last few weeks. They’re pretty shy and I’ve not gotten any good shots of them until yesterday. This year is the first year I’ve seen them at all around here, but they aren’t considered unusual for Hutchinson Co. When ever I see…

Lincoln's Sparrow (1) (1024x693)

Lincoln’s Sparrow

I spotted this Lincoln’s Sparrow at Spring Canyon last week. I’ve seen them at other places before but never at Meredith, so I was pleased to find one. They aren’t unusual for the area during migration. I include a few other birds seen in the last week in the post as well. Lincoln’s Sparrow Rufous-crowned…

Cedar Waxwing (10) (1024x678)

Cedar Waxwings

Palo Duro Canyon has become one of my favorite places to bird this spring. Here’s a few photos of Cedar Waxwings that I saw down there today while hiking with my daughters.

Greater Roadrunner (10) (1024x751)

Roadrunners, Woodpeckers, Teals, and Gulls

Last week was really a pretty nice week for birding in the Texas Panhandle. I saw a lot of birds and roamed over a large chunk of the central Texas panhandle.  The weather was pretty nice and I had good company when I wanted it and made a few solo runs when I wanted that.…

American White Pelican (1) (1024x456)

American White Pelicans

A couple of days ago the weather was warm enough and the wind was still enough that I hauled my kayak out to the lake and paddled around the southern end for a few hours. The water is pretty shallow and there are a lot of reed beds that harbor waterfowl and blackbirds by the…

Long-billed Curlew (7) (1024x712)

Long-billed Curlew

I saw this Long-billed Curlew at Lake Meredith’s Spring Canyon early in the morning a few days ago. It’s not considered a rare bird around here, but this is only the third one I’ve seen in 5 years of birding.