Osprey (49) (1024x667)

Out of Season

I came across a couple of birds last week that I was surprised to see this late in the year. Both are usually only seen around here in spring and fall.  I love watching birds, whether it’s a House Sparrow or a Red-tailed Hawk, but it’s always a treat to see something you don’t expect.…

Ash-throated flycatcher (66) (1024x684)

A Few Miscellaneous Photos From Late Spring

I’ve been pretty busy at work the last month or so and haven’t posted much. I have been birding, though and so here are a few photos. The best areas for birding in the last month or so have been the farms and pastures north and south of us. The playa lakes are full and…

Common Nighthawk (1024x685)

Common Nighthawk

I drove out to Plum Creek this morning after I got off work. Plum Creek is on the west side of Lake Meredith, about 30-35 miles from my house, so I don’t get out there a lot.  It was a nice drive, and after all the rain this spring the pastures and canyons are lush.…

Spotted Sandpiper (36) (1024x721)

Photos from Early May

Here’s a few photographs from earlier in May that I haven’t gotten around to posting. May has been an interesting month with lots of rain and much cooler than normal temps.The lake is rising (up to 46.77 today from 26.5 36 months ago) and the countryside is greener than I’ve seen in quite a while.…

Horned Lark (21) (1024x737)

Horned Lark

Here’s another bird from my tours of the farmlands around the northern Texas Panhandle-a Horned Lark.

Burrowing Owl (13) (1024x686)

Burrowing Owl

I took another tour of the farmlands and playas yesterday.  The wheat fields are looking great, some are starting to ripen a bit even, and the pastures are thick and green.  There are playas everywhere. There are also mosquitoes everywhere so all the swallows and flycatchers (and the mosquitoes) are in a feeding frenzy.  Even…

Dickcissel (23) (1024x740)


It’s raining here in the Panhandle again today. I went out to Spring Canyon this morning and saw a few birds, but it was too wet and dark to take any pictures, so here’s a few photographs of a Dickcissel I saw near the playa I visited yesterday.

Wilson's Phalarope (34) (1024x703)

Wilson’s Phalarope

The playa lakes in the Texas Panhandle are are still gaining water. Here at my house we’ve had nearly 6 total inches of rain in the last 3 weeks. That’s over a quarter of our yearly average. Lake Meredith is up another foot in the same time period and up 20 feet from the lowest…

Yellow Warbler (35) (1024x661)

Yellow Warbler

I saw a couple of Yellow Warblers at Spring Canyon this morning. I had just gotten off work, it was a little cool and the only jacket I had was a bright yellow safety jacket, not the best color to wear birding, but he didn’t seem to mind. I was able to get pretty close…