American Avocet (79) (1024x661)

American Avocet

I came across these American Avocets yesterday at Lake Meredith’s Spring Canyon. I love the red head, the black and white striped body, and especially the long blue legs.  These guys are hanging out with some Blue-winged Teal, which are pretty excellent looking birds themselves.

Western Scrub Jay (17) (1024x684)

McBride Canyon

I hiked down McBride Canyon a few days ago and was able to get a few more photographs of the Western Scrub Jays that I saw last week. I also took a couple of pictures of a Downy Woodpecker, the smallest woodpecker in the US. He’s also very twitchy and never seems to stay still…

Ring-billed Gull (first winter) (1024x706)

Ring-billed Gull

I first reported this gull as a Herring Gull, but after I got home and looked at the photos, I’ve decided that it’s most probably a 1st summer Ring-billed Gull. The band across the tail and the wing markings are pretty distinctive.  I admire birders that can see all those minutiae in the field, but I’m…

American Goldfinch (18) (1024x684)

Early Morning at Spring Canyon

Here’s few more photographs from an early morning at Spring Canyon last week. Enjoy. American Coots have strange feet-large, with lobed toes instead of webbing. These coots are hobnobbing with a trio of Pied-billed Grebes. A Common Loon Greater Yellowlegs Killdeer Ladder-backed Woodpecker female Pied-billed Grebes American Goldfinch near a feeder in my yard.

Great Blue Heron (162) (1024x732)

Great Blue Heron

I watched this Great Blue Heron fishing in the shallows at the NE end of the large pond at Spring Canyon a few mornings ago.  In this photo series he was unsuccessful, but I watched him catch three small fish that morning.  His success drew a crowd- by the time I left the canyon two…

Greater Yellowlegs (59) (1024x704)

Greater Yellowlegs

There was a single Greater Yellowlegs at Spring Canyon a few mornings ago.  Except for some Killdeer, that have a much broader habitat, these are the first shorebirds I’ve seen at Meredith this year.  The birds are probably there, but because of the larger lake that makes the shallows inaccessible to us boatless folks, fewer…

Rock Wren (144) (1024x816)

Rock Wrens

Wrens are among my favorite birds. They are quite small-the two most common species in this area, Rock Wrens and Bewick’s Wrens are both less than six inches long, but they sing like they are ten feet tall.  I’ve been blessed with a Bewick’s serenade for the last couple of days. He’s found a suitable…

Western Scrub Jay (8) (1024x697)

New Bird

There are a lot of things I like about birding- anticipating returning birds (not long until the Mississippi Kites and Swainson’s Hawks and all the summer songbirds return,) watching nesting birds (I’m keeping and eye on two Red-tailed Hawk nests,) and watching territorial and mating displays (Hooded Mergansers and Buffleheads are pretty funny.)  I enjoy…

Pied-billed Grebe (22) (1024x689)

Early One Spring Morning

I got off work at 0700 this morning after a 24 hour shift and drove out to Spring Canyon at the base of the Lake Meredith Dam. It’s really just the Canadian River Valley, but since the dam was built in the early 60s it’s an easily accessible wetland with marshy reed beds and five…