What’s in a Name?

“we’re all just perfect strangers
as long as we ignore
that we all begin as strangers
just before we find
we really aren’t strangers anymore.” – Tom Waits I Never Talk to Strangers from the recording Foreign Affairs.

There’s a thing or two about blogging that I did not think would be as hard as they’ve turned out to be. I expected the software to have a pretty steep learning curve and was not disappointed.  I anticipated difficulty thinking of blogable (my spellchecker insists that blogable is not a word) topics and have no doubt that I’ll presently be scraping the bottom of the idea barrel.  So far the actual writing hasn’t been too onerous–I’ve had years of experience on my soapbox and there is little difference between ranting and blogging.

The hardest thing has been titling the site.  I want to write about birds, especially about photographing birds. Specifically about how much fun photographing birds is.  It’s a hoot, as my grandmother used to say (too bad there’s already a blog named What a Hoot.  It’s about quilting.  Kind of corny, anyway.)  Thinking of a name that’s not cutesy and that will immediately inform the reader of the content of the blog proved beyond my capability.

I was listening to Tom Waits and Bette Midler sing I Never Talk to Strangers and wrote down Perfect Stranger as a working title just so I could get on with the set up.  After thinking about it I decided to leave it.  So it’s not specifically about birds or photography, but it does seem to apply.  After all, blogging is about getting to the point where we aren’t strangers anymore.

Actually, I’ll probably always be strange.

Anyway, just so I don’t disappoint any birders that might have stumbled in, here are some pictures of the Bald Eagles at Lake Meredith that I took this morning.  Check the raptor page for a full-sized photo of the flying eagle.

Bald Eagle (283) (1024x689)

Bald Eagle (286) (1024x665)

Bald Eagle (287) (1024x787)

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