Birdwatcher, Birder, Twitcher

Just in case anyone is interested I listed my 81st species today, a Canvasback.Canvasback (23) (1024x810)

I also was able to get a pretty nice shot, finally, of the Belted Kingfisher that is wintering at the `Stillin’ Basin at Spring Canyon.Belted Kingfisher (5) (1024x696)

I didn’t know it, but there are categories of birdwatchers, or birders.  Birdwatchers pursue the hobby for social or recreational reasons.  Ornithologists study birds scientifically.  Birders differ from birdwatchers in intensity, often keeping lists of birds they’ve seen and traveling to see birds. Twitchers travel specifically to see rare birds just to add them to their list, often spending a great deal of time and money in the chase.

Sheila and I are leaving in the morning to drive to Aransas National Wildlife Refuge just south of Victoria.  To look at birds.  To take pictures.  To add to my lists.  (Sigh)

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