Is This Love?

Spring is nearly here.  I’ve noticed a faint greenish hue to the prairie as I drive around and the birds have started courting.  Yesterday I saw turkey toms struttin’ their stuff, the American Goldfinches at the feeder are starting to glow, the House Finches are so red they seem ready to combust, and today I saw and heard several birds honing their rap, hoping to  attract the ladies.

I left the house this morning pretty early and was rewarded with beautiful light for the photos.

This Red-winged blackbird posed like Hanz and Franz.  He one-uped ’em though, by singing while posing.

These Mallards flew in tandem. The green on the male’s head was so intense it vibrated in the camera’s viewfinder.

A Redhead fussing over his harem was working way too hard.  He apparently thinks they are worth the effort.

There was a Rock Wren performing at Sanford-Yake.  He was alone, but didn’t let it get him down.  You can see how passionate he was–closed eyes are a sure sign of sincerity.

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