Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

I was only able to spend an hour birding this morning-other obligations cut it short, but it was a pretty good hour.  It was overcast and early so the light at Spring Canyon was not the best for photos but I was able to get a few shots.  The colors are a little flat, but I’ll post them anyway.

I saw the first Scissor-tailed Flycatchers I’ve seen since last fall.  My first glimpse of him was as he was being chased by either an American Crow or a Chihuahuan Raven.  I wasn’t able to ID the larger bird because of the distance and poor light, but the Scissor-tail was unmistakeable.  He didn’t have any trouble at all outrunning the larger bird.   I took this photo of him (or another) a little later as he perched with two others.

There were also several Turkey Vultures sitting on the picnic tables on the east end of the `Stillin’ Basin.Got a laugh thinking about the Easter picnickers that would probably be out there later.

There were three Great Blue Herons fishing in the shallows and a single Common Loon swimming by the spillways.

I’ve posted lots of photos recently of Rock Wrens and here’s one more.  He’s about the smallest bird out there but has no trouble hangin’ with the Red-winged Blackbirds, Western Meadowlarks, and Eastern Phoebes.  These guys have some pipes and can wail.

There were also about 12 or 15 Wild Turkey crossing Hwy 136 just west of Buenavista as I drove home.  They shot across in front of traffic but amazingly didn’t get hit or cause any wrecks.  No photos because I was driving, but you can see the ones I photographed a few weeks ago at Jim’s Lake in the Galleries, along with other pics of birds mention in this post.

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