Froggy Morning

When my oldest daughter, now in her mid 20’s, was 2 or 3 years old I would get her up from her bed in the mornings and we would stand at the front door looking out at the promise of the new day as we packed away the night.  One morning we opened the door to a sight, not all that common in the Texas Panhandle, of curling mists softening the edges of our yard.  “Froggy,” croaked my daughter, her voice still creaky with sleep, and since that day mornings like that have been froggy.

This morning was froggyimg_3202-1280x758 and I wasn’t sure what to expect as I drove to the lake.  It turned out to be a pretty nice morning for photographing birds.  The crowd at Spring Canyon was noisy and seemed to be enjoying the mists as much as I was.  The Western Meadowlarkswestern-meadowlark-21-1280x923 and Red-winged Blackbirdsred-winged-blackbird-44-1280x1010 were particularly boisterous-both groups were busy courting and defending territory from other equally amorous rivals and their penny-whistle trilling filled the fog.  The poor Eastern Phoebe was calling loudly from his tree top, but was still the only one I saw in the canyon.  A couple of Rock Wrens and a Rufous-crowned Sparrow sang on the north side of the larger pond and a Belted Kingfiser rattled castenet-like from the spillway before flying away.belted-kingfisher-14-1275x894  This Spectorian production was the perfect accompanyment for a solo by the Common Loon swimming in the `Stilin’ Basin.common-loon-40-1280x759 I was not the only one enjoying the show.  A couple of American Coots and a male Ruddy Duck and his harem (that bright blue bill must really do it for female Ruddy Ducks)


ruddy-duck-21-1280x902 seemed to be enjoying themselves from the orchestra seats and a couple of Scissor-tailed Flycatchers voiced approval from the treetop balcony.

Or maybe I was dreaming about a Silly Symphonies Cartoon… or the Muppet Show.

For more photos of the birds discussed in this post see the gallery pages.

2 thoughts on “Froggy Morning

  1. Love that there is a reference to me in this post! I still, even today, say froggy. 🙂
    That Red winged blackbird is so pretty! So is the that duck with the blue beak!


    • You should hear the blackbirds (you actually probably have heard them-they are everywhere right now.) They perch on cattails, swaying back and forth in the breeze, about 50-100 feet apart like pieces on a chessboard and trill at each other “o-ka-reee, konk-a-reee” as they flex their wings to make the red and gold patches flair out. The look like body builders on stage. Pretty funny.


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