They’re Back

I’ve been watching for Mississippi Kites for the last several weeks.  I had my first encounters with them last summer-they were one of the birds that really hooked me into birding.  These amazing birds winter in southern South America and arrive in the southern US to breed in May each year.  This one was right on schedule.  I wish my neck was that flexible.mississippi-kite-11-1280x991

Just after I photographed the kite I got a chance to take single shots of two more lifers-a Blue Grosbeak and my second wood-warbler, a Common Yellowthroat.  Unfortunately, neither would sit for more than one picture and both pictures were only good enough for identification purposes.  I was excited to see the birds, though.  Sheila and I had heard the Yellowthroat yesterday morning, but had not been able to locate it.

See more shots of the Mississippi Kite in the Galleries.

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