You Take What You Can Find

A front blew into the Panhandle last night and the difference is startling.   It was nearly 37°C  yesterday with very little wind and no clouds.  It is 18°C and very windy (48 kph) and cloudy as I write.  It’s maddening how often the wind screws up an almost perfect day around here.

I went to Spring Canyon anyway.  Nothing spectacular, but here’s a Common Grackle that the light caught just right and turned him from a mostly-annoying-parking-lot-pest into a stunning avian model.  If you can catch these guys when they aren’t picking through trash at McDonald’s and Wal-Mart they are quite elegant.  “They clean up good,” as we say around here.


Three Eared Grebes rode the waves in the `Stillin’ Basin.  They looked like they had been to Prom or something.  It’s not a very good shot-the wind and waves were too much for me.

I’ve heard from several people that they are seeing Yellow-headed Blackbirds here and there over the last few weeks.  I haven’t been able to find any until I ran across these juveniles this morning.





Not a great day, but you take what you can on a morning like this one.

2 thoughts on “You Take What You Can Find

  1. I saw a red headed and redcaped finch today. I was the brightest red I had ever seen on a finch. I enjoy your work!


    • Thanks Joe. We have House Finches at the feeders at home and they really have gotten bright red heads and breasts in the last month or so. We really enjoy sitting out in the evenings watching them and drinking beer.


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