Three Tenors

As I was headed to my truck this morning after my shift at work I heard a bird singing in the pasture across the street.  I didn’t recognize the song so I unpacked the camera and binoculars and went to see what it was.  After a few minutes of listening, looking, and walking I located a small bird that was launching himself 10 or 15 feet into the air and then gliding to a perch on nearby yucca stalks or mesquite bushes, singing a beautiful, trilling melody all the while.  The bird was pretty obviously a sparrow but didn’t seem to have any unusual markings to help with the identification.  The only defining thing about him was the distinct song and territorial behavior he exhibited.  I was able to identify him by these characteristics as a Cassin’s Sparrow using the Audubon Birds of North America app on my phone.  He’s not much to look at but he sings beautifully.cassins-sparrow-9-1280x896

I also spent an hour at Spring Canyon and though I didn’t see anything new, I was finally able to get some nice photos of the Common Yellowthroat common-yellowthroat-5-1132x769and the Blue Grosbeak I’ve been seeing out there for the last week or so.  blue-grosbeak-7-1280x852These guys are pretty good singers themselves.  For more shots of the three birds and for other songbirds check out the Passerine Gallery

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