Jim’s Lake Revisited


I made another visit to Jim’s Lake last week.  I had gone there in early March and had taken photos of a flock of Wild Turkeys and I wanted to see what else I could photograph there.  I arrived there about 0730 and wandered around the east side of the pond for an hour or so.  I didn’t see anything new but I did get some nice pics.

I try to get shots of birds doing something and usually fail miserably.  I’m just not fast enough with the shutter or patient enough to sit there until the bird takes off  or something.  Occasionally I’ll get lucky and catch something like this American Kestrel I saw a few months ago, but usually it’s just an unfocused blur.American Kestrel (28) (1024x636)

Almost as good as the action shots are portraits.  I convinced this Eastern Kingbird to pose for me as I wandered around.

Eastern Kingbird (5) (1024x738)

Eastern Kingbird (3) (1024x686)There were several Orchard Orioles in the cottonwoods around the lake.  I’ve seen males at different places around Hutchinson County but this is the first female that I’ve come across.


Orchard Oriole female (1024x736)

I’ve also seen Bullock’s Orioles in several areas around Fritch and Lake Meredith.  Here’s a juvenile male.

Bullock's Oriole Juvenile (3) (1024x696)

This one is an adult male.

Bullock's Oriole (31) (1024x683)

Mississippi Kites are a pretty common sight now everywhere you go.

Mississippi Kite (41) (1024x629)

So are Turkey Vultures.

Turkey Vulture (32) (1024x746)

There were half a dozen Red-headed Woodpeckers searching for breakfast in the dead cottonwood branches and trunks.

Red-headed Woodpecker (28) (1024x721)

and a Bewick’s Wren singing from the treetops.

As I left the lake I saw this Red-tailed Hawk.

Red-tailed Hawk (87) (1024x575)

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