A Raven and a Mockingbird

I’m not sure why this Northern Mockingbird is harassing this Chihuahuan Raven.  He wasn’t around any nests, or even close to any trees where the mockingbird might have built a nest.  Maybe he just doesn’t care for ravens.  The killdeer had a good reason to be excited, though, their nest wasn’t that far away and they were performing their “broken wing” act with great skill and drama.  The raven ignored them all and casually strolled across the beach searching for breakfast in the drifts of litter left by the All-American Memorial Day crowd that overran Spring Canyon yesterday.  The raven eventually flew off, but I’m not sure if it was because of the mockingbird, or the killdeer, or the weirdo with the camera



I also took photos of a Yellow-rumped Warbler

yellow-rumped-warbler-audubon-12-1280x852and a pair of Scissor-tailed Flycatchers.  The flycatchers have a nest in a cottonwood at the large pond.  I can hear chicks chirping in the nest, but I haven’t seen them, yet.  I hope to get pictures of them as they fledge.scissor-tailed-flycatcher-90-1280x926

Here is another shot of the Blue Grosbeak I’ve been seeing at Spring Canyon the past few weeks.blue-grosbeak-34-1280x877

I saw this Western Kingbird at Cedar Canyon, western-kingbird-33-1280x860this Barn Swallow at the Sanford-Yake boat ramp, barn-swallow-7-1280x909and this Rock Wren at Fritch Fortress.rock-wren-53-1280x890

There was Greater Roadrunner on the boardwalk that connects the parking lot and the boat ramp at Fritch Fortress.  greater-roadrunner-61-1280x784As I was taking his picture on the post he suddenly launched and glided down to a boulder on the ramp below-about 30 meters away and about 10 meters lower.  I didn’t expect it and all the shots were blurred, unfortunately.  Those would have been nice photos.  Roadrunners rarely fly and usually only to get away from predators.greater-roadrunner-63-1280x862

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