South Shore Trail

The National Park Service at Lake Meredith National Recreational Area has started a new trail project at the south end of the lake.  They opened the first phase of five last week.  It’s a two mile long rough trail that starts at the Harbor Bay boat ramp and climbs about halfway up the side of canyon and then winds north and east along the wall.  It’s a nice hike, not so strenuous that an old guy like me has too much trouble.  I’ll probably not go in the middle of a hot afternoon again though.  It was about 32°C and there isn’t much shade.  I could hear birds in the brush but could only see a couple of them.

One of them was this Painted Bunting that was about 40 meters up the canyon wall, singing like a madman.  He was a little too far away for a good portrait, unfortunately.painted-bunting-19-1280x896


I also saw this Yellow-billed Cuckoo, a new one for my lists, number 136 for this year.  He was a little jumpy and so the photos aren’t the best, but they are good enough for identification.yellow-billed-cuckoo-1280x973


Turkey Vultures are everywhere, now.  This one circled most of the time I was on the trail.  I guess he thought I looked like I was about to croak.turkey-vulture-51-1280x887

Check out the galleries for photos of more birds, the lake, other flora and fauna of Hutchinson County.

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