Red-headed Woodpecker

I mentioned in a post earlier this week that birding in Hutchinson County had been a little slow of late, so this morning Sheila and I drove up through the northeastern panhandle.  First stop was Palo Duro Reservoir in Hansford Co.  The Lake was loaded with Double-crested Cormorants roosting in the dead trees in the middle of the lake.  I counted at least 50 birds.  There was also a large flock of 25 or more Turkey Vultures and several dozen Red-winged Blackbirds on the south end of the lake, along with a couple of killdeer, a Spotted Sandpiper, and a half-dozen Great Blue Herons.  I’ve posted all these birds before so I’ll pass this time.

From Palo Duro Reservoir we drove east to Ochiltree County and spent an hour or so  driving around Lake Fryer.  This was our first trip there and I must say it is a very pretty little lake on Wolf Creeek with lots of trees around.  We saw a quite a few Great Blue Herons and a Great Egret and a couple of Killdeer on the lake.  As we were leaving we were almost hit by this Red-headed Woodpecker who landed in a nearby tree and posed for us for several minutes.










We came back home through Pampa.  It was a nice drive on a beautiful summer morning, visiting 5 counties (Hansford, Ochiltree, Roberts, Gray, and Carson.)  We didn’t see any new birds and except for the cormorants and vultures and Great Blues, we didn’t even see a lot of birds, but we enjoyed the drive and each other’s company.

See HD versions of these and other photos in the galleries.

2 thoughts on “Red-headed Woodpecker

    • Thanks Mike. They are summer visitors here and don’t usually let me get this close. He almost hit us as he flew to this tree and then alternated searching for lunch and glaring at us.


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