Late Summer

I’m starting to see some migrating waterfowl on Meredith, but the real hotspot right now is the playa lake near Panhandle in Carson County.  Runoff from an irrigated cornfield nearby has provided a paradise for the migrating birds.  Sunday evening there was at least 300 birds there including Blue and Green-winged Teal, Northern Pintails, Northern Shovellers, blue-winged-teal-and-unidentified-wader-american-avocets-northern-shoveler-2-1280x624American Avocets, american-avocet-5-1280x804Killdeer, Greater Yellowlegs, Cattle Egret, Spotted Sandpipers, and a new one for me, a Long-billed Dowitcher.  long-billed-dowitcher-9-1280x869I’m sure there were other species that I was unable to identify.

These photos were taken at Meredith this morning.

Blue-winged Teal, blue-winged-teal-14-1280x792a Great Egret, great-egret-42-1280x867and this Eastern Phoebe at Cedar Canyon that I photographed a week or so ago.eastern-phoebe-17-1280x854

For Higher resolution versions my photographs (and to purchase them if you feel the urge) see the galleries.

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