I had a good couple of days birding-wise this week.  The migrations are ramping up and I’m seeing lots of waterfowl and Sandhill Cranes as well as a few songbirds coming though. The first Bald Eagle that I’ve seen at Meredith this year showed up on Wednesday (10/10/12).  Of course the regulars like Great Blue Herons and Ladder-backed Woodpeckers are still posing for me. Enough talk, here’s the photos.

Great Blue Heron

great-blue-heron-128-1280x854Sandhill Cranes


sandhill-crane-2-1280x855A Ladder-backed Woodpecker

ladder-backed-woodpecker-107-1280x808A Common Grackle.  They somehow seem less annoying out here than when they are scarfing french fries in McD’s parking lot.

common-grackle-9-1280x829A Western Meadowlark.  They are hard to tell from the Eastern Meadowlarks until you hear them sing.  Westerns have a more intricate song.


A Swamp Sparrow strikes a dramatic pose for me.Swamp-sparrow-1280x854A Townsend’s Solitaire.  He has peach colored patches on his wings that are mostly hidden here, but are very noticeable when he flies.


townsends-solitaire-1280x895An Osprey fishing for breakfast.

osprey-10-1280x823American Coot.  I like the way the one front and center is eye-ballin’ me.

american-coot-2-1280x770A pair of sleeping Pied-billed Grebes on a foggy morning just as the sun rose.  The red is from the red-clay bluffs that the sun is reflecting off of across the pond.  This is why I get up early.


Another Pied-billed Grebe.  Pretty perky for this early.  I like the way the still water reflects the red from the bluffs, but the wake of the grebe reflects the blue morning sky.pied-billed-grebe-6-1280x831

The fog was clearing as these Ring-necked Ducks, a Pied-billed Grebe and an American Coot made plans for the day.ring-necked-duck-pied-billed-grebe-american-coot-5-1280x770

A Forester’s Tern and a Killdeer share a sandbar .foresters-tern-killdeer-1280x864

More American Coots and who-knows-what-else.america-coot-redhead-1280x533_0

Northern Shovelers at Spring Canyon.northern-shoveler-1280x797

The first Bald Eagle of the Winter.bald-eagle-356-1280x913


See the Galleries for more photos.

One thought on “10/11/12

  1. beautiful pictures, Mark–you are doing a marvelous job! People are also enjoying your “notes” in the paper! thanks for sharing your gifts!


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