Autumn Afternoon

I rarely bird in the afternoon;  birds are more active in the morning and evening and I like the long shadows and softer light of the mornings and evenings when I take pictures.  I was unable to get out yesterday morning, though, so I dropped by Spring Canyon after my obligations were met.  It was a good decision.  I sat for a quiet hour under a cottonwood by a pond that I rarely see birds on in the mornings and photographed dozen Lesser Scaups, Mallards and a huffy Hooded Merganser.










All the photos were taken from the same spot, just aimed in different directions.  It’s cool how the water color changed as the light reflected off of either the concrete of the spillway, the dry grass and cattails, the blue sky above or the bluffs behind.   The little waves would pick up the blue sky at times to mix the blue in with the other colors.  The light is a little brighter and harsher than I like but the results weren’t all that bad.

More photos in the Gallery links at the top of the page

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