Good Start

I spent the first two mornings of 2013 at Lake Meredith.  The last week has been pretty cold and we had a little storm on New Year’s Eve so there was a great deal of ice on the lake.  Several of the ponds in Spring Canyon were frozen.  The last two mornings have been cold and New Years Day was a pretty overcast, but today was beautiful; sunny and still with temps in the teens, and to make today even better, Sheila went with me.  We logged 37 species of birds in the first two mornings of the year; a pretty good start.  You can see the list in the 2013 Sighting page if you are interested.  I logged 156 species of birds last year, mostly in the Northeastern Texas Panhandle.  Not too bad for my first full year as a birder.  I’m setting my goal at 200 this year.  I hope to make a few trips, one to the Big Bend area and another to Missouri.  We’ll see how it goes.

Here’s a few of the photos.

A beautiful Red-tailed Hawk


A female Ladder-backed Woodpecker.  There was something in that knot she wanted and she worked hard to get it.ladder-backed-woodpecker-127-1280x808

A pair of Greater Yellowlegs.  Not a positive ID.  I was questioned by ebird when I logged it.  If the local reviewer changes the ID I’ll change it here also.greater-yellowlegs-50-1280x790

Hundreds of Mallards and Northern Pintails.  This is the largest raft on the lake today, but there were dozens of smaller ones, also.  They are standing on the ice, next to the open water.mallard-northern-pintail-1280x853

Canvasbacks and Ring-necked Ducks.  Another smaller raft.ring-necked-duck-canvasback-1280x853

A Gadwall, forever alone.gadwall-6-1280x834

A Ring-necked Duck.  The ring around their necks is a lighter shade than the rest of their necks and is always very difficult to see.  The Cardinal sign for identifying these birds it the tri-colored bill.ring-necked-duck-2-1280x827

A Common Goldeneyecommon-goldeneye-9-1280x864

An American White Pelican.american-white-pelican-29-1280x779


Happy New Year.

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