Another Good Week of Birding

I had another good week of birding; the weather was nice and we even had rain today.  I don’t know how much, but it rained fairly steady for about 12 hours and the temp stayed above freezing so the roads weren’t bad at all.  There was still quite a bit of ice on Meredith yesterday but it is slowly receding.  It’s supposed to get pretty cold again this weekend so the ice could make a comeback.  We’ll see.

There are lots of birds on and around the lake now, mostly Ring-billed Gulls and Mallards, but I’ve seen 52 different species in the first 10 days of this year, all in Hutchinson County.

Here’s photos of a few of them.

Greater Yellowlegs.  I was undecided about this one, there seems to be more of an eye ring than I expected for a GEYE, but he was too large, I thought, for a Solitary Sandpiper and when he flew, his call was of a GEYEgreater-yellowlegs-3-1280x857

Ring-billed Gull.  There are hundreds of gulls, if not thousands, on the lake right now, most of them RBGUring-billed-gull-4-1280x822

Herring Gull Juvenile.  This one caused a little excitement as I thought it might be a Lesser Black-backed Gull Juvenile, a very rare bird around here, and logged it on ebird as such, but after consulting with  people that know a lot more about birds than I, it was decided that while it is a good candidate for the LBBG, better photos would be needed to prove it and the HeGu designation was more likely.  Too bad, a LBBG would have been a new lifer for me.herring-gull-juvenile-3-1280x778

Marsh Wrenmarsh-wren-3-1280x871



gadwall-7-1280x818Great Blue Heron



Belted Kingfisherbelted-kingfisher-5-1280x803

Northern Harriernorthern-harrier-1280x855

Bald Eagle.  Finally starting to see more eagles.  There were 7 of them this day standing on the ice.




I don’t know what that last one was looking at in the ice, but he seemed intrigued.

More birds in the galleries.

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