Sheila and Claire and I wandered a bit further than usual last week and ended up in southwestern Missouri to visit my Dad and his wife, Mary Lee.  Instead of the interstate, we decided to take US 60 through northern Oklahoma.  Oklahoma roads aren’t the greatest, but we had a nice drive for the most part.   I think they made way more Oklahoma than is actually needed, though.  Missouri was beautiful; it rained most of the time we were there, but it didn’t stop us from birding.  Most Texans, especially those from the panhandle and west Texas think that getting rained on whilst vacationing is a good thing.  We didn’t have any real goals, except to visit my dad and Mary Lee, but we had hopes of spotting a Lesser Prairie Chicken as we drove through the Northeast Texas Panhandle and the western part of Oklahoma.  Mary Lee has sent me pictures of Piliated Woodpeckers in her woods, so we hoped to spot one of them, as well.  The literature at the Wildcat Glades said that it was possible to see Greater Prairie Chickens in the area, but we struck out on all three birds.

We mostly visited with my Dad and Mary Lee; their home is in the woods and we spent a lot of time on the sun porch and patio taking pictures of the birds in their woods and at the feeders in the back yard.  I took a lot of pictures and saw a lot of birds including 9 new ones for my life list.  I’ll post as many as I can over the next several posts.

Blue Jayblue-jay-7-1024x683

We saw dozens of Northern Cardinals everywhere we went.



Eastern Bluebird, a new bird for me.  The guidebooks all say that they are not uncommon in Hutchinson Co, but I’ve never seen one.


Another new one for me, a Tufted Titmouse.


tufted-titmouse-14-1024x667Carolina Chickadee


I’ve seen Red-breasted Nuthatches at my feeders in Hutchinson Co, and once again the guides tell me that White-breasted Nuthatches are common here, but this one lives in Missouri.



white-breasted-nuthatch-3-1024x684Brown-headed Cowbird


brown-headed-cowbird-5-1024x684Red-bellied Woodpecker.






Next post: Birding at the Carver Farm and at Wildcat Glades

2 thoughts on “Missouri

    • You are absolutely right, got to see my dad and stepmom and that was the whole point of the trip. Alos got to see a lot of Oklahoma. Always time to scope out the birds though.


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