Carver Farm and Wildcat Glades

Still in Missouri.

The rain eased a bit on Wednesday, though it was still cloudy, and we spent the morning walking the trail at the George Washington Carver National Monument and the afternoon at Wildcat Glades and Shoal Creek.

The Brown Creeper is another new bird for my lists.  Strange that all of the new birds on my list are birds that can be found at home, but I had to travel 500 miles to see them.brown-creeper-1024x616

Downy Woodpeckerdowny-woodpecker-4-1024x644

Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, another new one.







Pied-billed Grebepied-billed-grebe-1024x633

Female Hairy Woodpecker, I think.  They are very similar to the Downy, but larger with all white outer tail feathers and a larger proportioned bill.hairy-woodpecker-1024x726

We saw two new hawks, once again, both are found at home.  I was unable to get a photo of the Cooper’s Hawk and only one of the Red-shouldered Hawk, and not a very good one at

And finally Mary Lee captured the elusive, hard to photograph photographer.mark-birding

More photos from Missouri in the next post.

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