Old One Hunnerd

This is my one-hundredth post on the blog.  Sorry, no contests or giveaways, or prizes, but surprise, surprise, surprise, I do have a few bird pics, all from Spring Canyon early on a beautiful Sunday morning.


Once again, shorebirds have baffled me.  I think that these are Western Sandpipers, but ithey could very well be  White-rumped, or Semi-palmated, or Least, or Baird’s.sandpiper-1024x684


Another Wood Duck, this one a female, brings my total for the year to two.  I saw a male across the dam about 2 weeks ago.  Before this spring I hadn’t seen any.wood-duck-2-1024x696


This is a White-faced Ibis.white-faced-ibis-7-1024x647


Eared Grebeeared-grebe-3-1024x684


I finally saw a Common Loon.  I’d been watching for them since last fall.  Last year I saw them around the lake all  fall and winter into late spring.  I heard one or two reports of loons by other birders over the winter.  It was worth the wait.









More photos in the galleries.

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