Finally, a Nice Day

After all the griping about the weather in my last post, it got worse.  Thursday was cold, incredibly windy, very cloudy, and totally without moisture of any type.  Then today, nothing but blue skies, moderate temps and light wind (at least until late afternoon.)  I was on call for work but was able to get out to Meredith for an hour or so this morning and take a few pictures.

Ash-throated Flycatcher singing his heart out.ash-throated-flycatcher-45-1024x662

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher.scissor-tailed-flycatcher-113-1024x684

Common Yellowthroat.  Notice how brown and dry the canyon is.common-yellowthroat-16-1024x669

Bufflehead.  It’s evidently pretty late in the year for these birds to be around here.  eBird makes me confirm each time I report them.bufflehead-12-1024x706

Forster’s Tern.forsters-tern-8-1024x684

Eared Grebe.eared-grebe-12-1024x684

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