Songbirds and Shorebirds

All last week I thought I had to work today but a last second reprieve (thanks, Rochelle) found me out at the lake this morning on one of those panhandle rarities, a windless day.  I took full advantage of it and walked several miles, the first good walk I’ve had since last fall.  I spent the winter birding from the warm cab of my truck and so getting out in the thick of it was a pleasure.  There aren’t many waterfowl around now except for Blue-winged Teal, American Coots and an few Northern Shovelers.  One of the smaller ponds at Spring Canyon still has a couple of Buffleheads, a Mallard pair and several Lesser Scaups in it and the large pond has a couple of Eared and Pied-billed Grebes, but that’s about it.

Lots of songbirds and shorebirds around, though.  Here’s a few photos of them.

Spotted Sandpiper.spotted-sandpiper-22-1024x718

Greater Yellowlegs (I think.)greater-yellowlegs-43-1024x683

Wilson’s Phalarope (not sure if it’s pronounced Fa-la-rope or Fa-lar-o-pee, but it’s a good looking bird.)wilsons-phalarope-1024x669

A killdeer and it’s chick.  The little guy’s legs were so long that it had to squat to pick up whatever it was they were dining on.killdeer-37-1024x639

There’s not many gulls left but I did see a few Forster’s Terns again today; this one seems concerned about his toes.forsters-tern-13-1024x754

Here’s one of the Eared Grebes,eared-grebe-14-1024x712

and the Pied-billed Grebes.pied-billed-grebe-13-1024x684

I think this is a Field Sparrow.field-sparrow-40-1024x677

This is most definitely a Chipping Sparrow.chipping-sparrow-1024x696

Not sure what these Cliff Swallows are up to; gathering mud for their nests, possibly.  They are building a dozen or more on a covered fishing dock about 100 yards from where I took this photo.cliff-swallow-10-1024x668

My first Yellow-rumped Warbler of the spring.  YRWA seem to come in different flavors.  I saw an Audubon’s YRWA last spring.  I think this one is a Myrtle.yellow-rumped-warbler-4-1024x730

This is not a very good photo, but you can see the yellow patch on his butt that gives him his name.yellow-rumped-warbler-7-1024x614

A red-tailed Hawk.  you can’t see it in this photo but he just grabbed breakfast, some sort of small rodent.  If I was a better photographer, I’d have a pic of the kill.  I saw him catch it but was way too slow with the

As I publish this post it is raining lightly in my yard.  I’m going to go stand out in it.

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