Eared Grebes

Grebes are odd little freshwater diving birds.  Their large feet only have shallow webs with lobed toes and their legs are set rather far back on their bodies which makes them great swimmers and divers but rather awkward on land.  I’ve yet to see one out of the water, or flying even, although they are migratory.  I’ve photographed 4 species here at Lake Meredith at different times of the year; Pied-billed Grebes year round, Eared and Horned Grebes during migrations and occasionally during the winter and Western Grebes the last two falls.  The Western Grebe’s normal territory is further west so it’s a bit unusual for them to turn up here.

There has been a spike in the numbers of Eared Grebes over the last week, especially at the ponds in Spring Canyon, one of my favorite places to take bird pictures.  They are in full breeding plumage and are quite beautiful.eared-grebe-16-1024x683






The one on the right is starting a dive.  There were 7 of the birds fishing on the pond.eared-grebe-34-1024x687

See Hi-res photos of  the Eared Grebes and other birds in the galleries.

2 thoughts on “Eared Grebes

  1. Grebes are such great birds to photograph and these Eared Grebes are gorgeous in the breeding plumage. Just recently I saw a Pied-billed Grebe running on land, it is only the third time I have seen them on dry land. The Grebe was attempting to get away from a Common Raven. It was very strange to see.


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