A Few More Photos from the Last Couple of Weeks

I really like wrens.  They are tiny little birds and they act like they are the kings of the world.  Bewick’s and Rock Wrens are the most common around here although I did see a Marsh Wren last January at Spring Canyon.

Bewick’s Wrenbewicks-wren-34-1024x709

This Rock Wren was singing from the top of a utility pole at Spring Canyon.  I don’t know what he saw, but he was on it.


Rock Wren at the Fritch Fortress boat ramp parking lotrock-wren-111-1024x681


This Red-headed Woodpecker was at McBride Canyon in Potter County yesterday.red-headed-woodpecker-80-1024x699

So was this Painted Buntingpainted-bunting-38-1024x718

and this Western Kingbird.western-kingbird-70-1024x683

One of about 30 or more Double-crested Cormorants that nest at Palo Duro Lake in Hansford County that my daughter and I saw last week.  The photobomber is a killdeer double-crested-cormorant-4-1024x645

We’ve finally started getting a little rain in the Texas Panhandle and the last few days have been beautiful; the high pressure dome that was camped out over us that gave us 100+° temps for much of June moved to the northwest of us and we’ve had a few days of low 80s and very little wind.  With the rain the playas around here have recharged and so Sunday morning I drove the 20 miles to a playa near Panhandle, Texas in Carson County.  The grass has finally turned green and wildflowers that usually bloom in early and mid-May have finally bloomed.  There wasn’t a lot of birds at the playa ( it is summer, after all) but I did get a few nice shots.  Hope the playas survive until the fall migration.

American Avocetamerican-avocet-66-1024x683

Cattle Egretcattle-egret-4-1024x673

A juvenile Horned Lark (I think.)horned-lark-juvenile-2-1024x712

A Long-billed Curlew.  This is an unusual bird around here for this time of year-we usually only see them during migration. long-billed-curlew-7-1024x666

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