Swainson’s Hawk with Bands and a Radio

I was out at the playa just north of Panhandle yesterday and saw this Swainson’s Hawk hunting over the playa and surrounding pastures and fields.  He’s a beautiful bird, but the most interesting thing about him is the bands and a radio transmitter.  I don’t know anything about bird banding or radio or satellite tracking so if any of you can enlighten me, please do so. Is there any way for me to find out about where he’s been, where he was banded, how old he is, etc.?  He was very vocal, also.

edit: a fellow birder on Reddit found a blog and a news article about the banding and radio transmitter program.  A grad student from WTAMU named Jimmy Walker, along with other researchers from WTAMU and Pantex, is conducting a study of the effects of the wind generators on Swainson’s Hawks.  Here’s a newspaper article and a blog entry by a group of Researchers at WTAMU. Both are from last year.









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