Spring Canyon Again

Still not a lot of birds around Lake Meredith-all the grosbeaks and buntings seem to have fled, as have the Red-winged Blackbirds.  A week ago there were Mississippi Kites everywhere.  It wasn’t at all unusual to see 15 or 20 on my way to work.  I’ve seen a total of ` in the last 3 days, so I guess they’ve headed south as well.  I went out to Spring Canyon yesterday morning to see if I could find anything unusual now that the Labor Day hordes had left and was rewarded with this beautiful Osprey.  It was very early and the light was still filtering through miles of Texas Panhandle dust.Osprey

I also saw a trio of  Solitary Sandpipers at the larger of the ponds.  I think they are youngsters and I guess they just aren’t ready for the solitary part yet.Solitary Sandpipers

There was a pair of Rock Wrens foraging on the canyon walls.  This one seems to be pretty focused on something.Rock Wren

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