A Swainson’s Hawk, a couple of Ospreys, and a Turkey Vulture

I don’t expect to see Swainson’s Hawks around much longer, so I’m enjoying them as much as possible.  Soon they’ll be heading to South America.  I only see one or two now as I wander around instead of the dozen or more that I was seeing a month ago.  A juvenile posed for me near a playa in Carson County and was quite willing to let me get pretty close.

Swainson's Hawk (27) (1024x678)

Swainson's Hawk (30) (1024x673)

Swainson's Hawk (33) (1024x692)

Same with the Turkey Vultures, although I don’t know if they go as far south.  I saw some on the Gulf Coast in February a couple of years ago.  Here’s one of a half-dozen that were watching the sun rise on the walls of Spring Canyon at Lake Meredith.Turkey Vulture (58) (1024x684)

Ospreys migrate through in spring and fall.  I’m always excited to see these intense looking birds as they fish over the lakes.

This one was having fresh fish for breakfast at Palo Duro Reservoir up in Hansford Co,Osprey (27) (1024x642)

and another was at one of the Spring Canyon spillways below the Sanford dam.Osprey (35) (1024x650) Osprey (32) (1024x701)

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