Brown Thrasher

I came across this Brown Thrasher at Palo Duro Reservoir last week.  It’s not an uncommon bird for the area according to Sibley’s, but it’s the first one I’ve seen.  They seem to be a lot less bold than their cousin, the Curve-billed Thrasher (there’s a Curve-bill that frequents my yard year round.) I heard him long before I spotted him.  I would have missed this one if I hadn’t had my camera up and ready trying to get a photo of what I think was a warbler of some sort.  I was unable to photograph the warbler, but was quite happy with this elusive Thrasher.Brown Thrasher (1024x675) Brown Thrasher (2) (1024x669)

There was also an Eastern Phoebe.  They are usually pretty easy to spot as they really like to announce themselves.Eastern Phoebe (27) (1024x691) Eastern Phoebe (28) (1024x689)

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