The Shutdown

Tough times for birders in Hutchinson County as Lake Meredith, a National Recreation Area, has been barricaded since the 1st of the month because of the Federal Government Shutdown.  There are other places in Hutchinson Co. to go birding, Jim’s Lake for example, but they are on private property and I’ve never been that comfortable calling up the landowners to ask permission to bird on their property.

So I went up to Palo Duro Reservoir on Monday and was rewarded with my first Bald Eagle sighting of the season, as well as several other birds.  Enjoy.

Bald Eagle (392) (1024x716) Bald Eagle (390) (1024x678)


Ladder-backed Woodpecker

Ladder-backed Woodpecker (135) (1024x653)


Northern CardinalNorthern Cardinal (64) (1024x684) Northern Cardinal (65) (1024x684)

Scissor-tailed FlycatcherScissor-tailed Flycatcher (146) (1024x686)

2 thoughts on “The Shutdown

  1. Mark,

    This shutdown is ruining one of the best seasons for birders across the US, screwing with revenue the National Parks, Monuments and Refuges usually provide, putting local economies into recessions from lost revenue and it has to stop soon. I am glad that I have some state parks nearby I can go to instead of the NWR north of me. But this sucks.

    Love that Ladder-baked Woodpecker!


    • HiMia,
      It (the shutdown) is so annoying-really tired of the tea-partiers and their ridiculous reps. (That’s blasphemy around these parts, almost as bad as bad-mouthing the NRA.)
      Ladder-backs are one of the most common woodpeckers around here. Love to watch them hunt.


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