Mountain Bluebirds

My son took these photos of Mountain Bluebirds a few weeks ago at Palo Duro Reservoir, a small manmade lake about an hour north of Lake Meredith.  I try to get up there every week or two throughout the year.  It a great place for birds with lots of dead cottonwoods sticking up out of the water that Double-crested Cormorants nest in and Bald Eagles and Osprey fish from.  It is surrounded by lots of brush and cedars and mesquites and down below the dam there is a small pond with cattails and a fairly dense stand of cottonwoods that Mississippi Kites and Red-headed Woodpeckers nest in during the summer.  It’s a good place to see some of the few warblers that come through the panhandle as well.

In other news (remember my new-found passion for brewing beer,) I bottled my first wheat beer today, a Belgian Wit flavored with coriander and orange peel.  It looked and smelled good as I bottled it and the final gravity was what I was shooting for.  I tasted the sample that I drew for the gravity test and it had a bit of a mediciny taste to it.  Perhaps the coriander and orange cause the flavor and it will mellow as the bottles condition.

Here’s the Mountain Bluebirds.Mountain Bluebird (24) (1024x770) Mountain Bluebird (21) (1024x721)

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