Owls and Eagles

There’s only been a pair of Bald Eagles at Meredith for most of the winter this year.  They are beautiful birds and I enjoy watching them.  I do miss the excitement of a few years ago when there were 15 or more birds, mostly juveniles, at the Lake.  This one had just dropped a fish he was eating in this tree near the boat ramp at Fritch Fortress.  He looks annoyed in the first photo and then seems to be looking around to see if anyone saw him drop it.  Unfortunately the pics of hem eating the fish didn’t turn out too good.  Too bad I wasn’t there to see him catch it.Bald Eagle (420) (1024x712) Bald Eagle (404) (1024x659)

Great Horned Owls aren’t considered rare around here, but I’ve only seen 4 since I started birding nearly 3 years ago.  I spotted a pair at Meredith last week.  They’ve taken up residence in this old nest, probably a hawk nest that’s been there for several years.  One is usually on a branch in the same tree and flies off when I enter the area.  The other stays in the nest and I’ve only been able photograph the top of his head.  I sat out there for nearly an hour this morning hoping to get a better photo of one of them, but no luck.  Great Horned Owl (11) (1024x667)

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