Great Horned Owl

Yesterday and today I went back out to where the Great Horned Owl is nesting and was able to get some better photos of this huge, beautiful bird.  I still haven’t been able to catch her flying, but this morning she was out of the nest when I came into the area and I was able to get some rather long-distance shots of her.  I was momentarily distracted by a Northern Flicker and when I turned back to where she had been she was gone.  I spun around towards the nest and she was already there.

This pic is from yesterday. The wind was horrible.  The nest she is in is an old one that has been abandoned ever since I found it several years ago.  According to what I’ve read, Great Horned Owls use abandoned hawk and raven nests to lay their eggs.  So excited to watch this nest.  Hopefully I can get some pictures of the nestlings at later on.Great Horned Owl (22) (1024x761)

This are photos from this morning.  Today was a bright, clear, calm day and even though she was about a 100 meters from where I parked, I was able to get a few pretty good shots.Great Horned Owl (27) (1024x738) Great Horned Owl (25) (1024x682)


This is a few minutes later, after she had returned to the nest.  She looks as if she doens’t quite trust me.Great Horned Owl (30) (1024x772)


By the way, for those of you concerned, I never get closer than about 40 meters from the nest, although yesterday a guy came after I was there and parked his truck right under the tree, unloaded a four-wheeler, started it up, and took off down to the lake. She never flinched.

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