Here’s a few photos of some of the late winter waterfowl I’ve seen in the last week or so.

Redheads and Lesser Scaups at Spring Canyon.




American Wigeons at Thompson Park in Amarillo



Mallards and a hybrid Mallard or Manky Duck.  The hybrid is possibly a cross between an Mallard (note the curly tail feathers and the Charlie Chaplin mustache on the end of the bill) and a type of domesticated duck call an Albacot Ranger (but that’s just a guess.)

Mallards-and-a-Albacot-Ranger-x-Mallard-Cross-Manky-Duck-1024x684This isn’t a waterfowl, but it is a nice photo of a Killdeer.  It’s the first Killdeer I’ve seen since last fall.


2 thoughts on “Waterfowl

    • Thanks, Mary Lee. It’s been difficult getting good shots this year. The lake is up a few feet and the waterbirds have moved across to the west side and further south of Fritch Fortress where there are more sand bars and weeds for them to forage around in.


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