Birds of Summer

I’ve really been enjoying the changing of the guard around here for the last month or so.  Most of the winter birds are gone, migrating shorebirds and warblers are still on the march, and in the last week or two the summer residents have started arriving.  Two of my favorites showed up this morning-a Swainson’s Hawk and a Painted Bunting.  I think I saw a Mississippi Kite as well but it was too far off to make a positive ID.

I spotted this Swainson’s Hawk, one of a pair,  in Potter Co. on the way to McBride Canyon.

Swainson's Hawk (13) (1024x714)

Later, as I hiked through McBride Canyon, I heard this Painted Bunting singing and after patiently hiding behind a mesquite for a while, his curiosity got the better of him and he posed for a few photos for me.

Painted Bunting (48) (1024x683)

Painted Bunting (46) (1024x725)


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