Yellow Warbler

I don’t see a lot of warblers here in Hutchinson Co.  There’s not a lot of trees for them for one thing, and the trees we do have are scrub pines, mesquite, and cottonwoods, mostly, so the type of warblers we get have to be the types that like shorter, scrubbier trees.  We also have cattail wetlands along the Canadian River bed and there are a few warblers, like Common Yellowthroats, and Yellow-breasted Chats that like those.  Yellow-rumped Warblers and Yellow Warblers seem to like the mesquites and cottonwoods pretty well.  Last spring there was even a Palm Warbler that I was able to photograph, a real rarity for the area. The yellowthroats will stay the summer, but the others are just passing through during migrations.

I saw this Yellow Warbler last week in a cottonwood. I think it might be a female, but once again, I could be mistaken. She was really looking the tree over for breakfast

Yellow Warbler (23) (1024x715)

Yellow Warbler (21) (1024x686)

Yellow Warbler (17) (1024x688)

Yellow Warbler (12) (1024x648)


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