Brunch at Jim’s Lake

I drove out to Jim’s Lake this morning.  It’s a small private lake on the eastern side of Hutchinson Co. I hadn’t been there since May and although I have permission from the landowner I still feel a little uncomfortable there There are a couple of families that live around the lake and until last year they were the owners.  One of the brothers that owned it died and I guess selling it seemed to be the best way to divide it up.

Anyway, it’s a nice little spring fed pond with cottonwoods and lots of underbrush and smaller trees.  There’s always a flock of turkeys near by, and in the winter it’s a good place to see waterfowl.

As usual these are only my guesses and could very well be wrong.

Here’s a Red-headed Woodpecker having a bit of brunch.

Red-headed Woodpecker (84) (1024x721)

Mourning Doves

Mourning Dove (6) (1024x684)

This Black Tern was chasing insects over the pond. It’s a crummy picture, but he was fast.

Black Tern (3) (1024x615)

I disturbed this Willow Flycatcher as he was looking for lunch and he flew up onto a wire to fuss at me about it.

Willow Flycatcher (2) (1024x690)

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