In the Hour of Not Quite Rain

This morning was cool and cloudy, with hardly any wind-a great day for birding and walking around, but not for photography.  At Spring Canyon mists were rising off the water and everything was quiet.  I heard 3 Virginia Rails out in the cattail beds, but once again could’t spot a single one.  I made up for it though with this Osprey.

Osprey (1024x595)

Osprey (4) (1024x597)


I also spotted this Solitary Sandpiper in with several Killdeer

Solitary Sandpiper (24) (1024x646)

Solitary Sandpiper (26) (1024x722)


Still working on getting all the links restored to the photos since the big move.  I’ve worked my way back to spring of last year, so those photos should show up now when you veiw the posts.

BTW the Title of this post is a reference to this old Buffalo Springfield tune.

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