Ladder-backed Woodpecker

The weekend was beautiful with moderate temps, clear skies, and no wind-unfortunately I had to work. This morning I left the station before sunup and headed to Spring Canyon and as it started to lighten the clouds rolled in and the winds started gusting. Just my luck.  The last two weeks have been overcast almost every morning, if we were getting any rain with it I wouldn’t mind so much, but it’s been dry as a bone.  They’ve been getting rain, lots of it actually, south of us but the hurricane moisture didn’t make it up here to the upper panhandle. I did see some birds, though, and even heard one that i couldn’t spot in the wetlands below the dam.  I thought at first that it was a Virginia Rail, but it didn’t sound like what I had heard before, although it did respond to clapping. It was a high pitched whinnying call, fast and rather long, and its pitch descended through out with two or three longer warbling-rising notes at the end. This sounds pretty close to what I was hearing though, so I think it was a Sora.  Both birds migrate through here, according to my Sibley’s.  No photos though, the reeds and cattails are so thick that you can’t see the water in most places.

I did get some nice shots of a Ladder-backed Woodpecker, though.  LBWOs are pretty common around here year round.

Bug huntin’.Ladder-backed Woodpecker (140) (1024x685) Ladder-backed Woodpecker (145) (1024x620) Ladder-backed Woodpecker (155) (1024x724)

Singing in these two. Love the way the red crest stands up when he vocalizes.

Ladder-backed Woodpecker (164) (1024x684) Ladder-backed Woodpecker (166) (1024x645)


The Osprey that’s been at the lake for the last couple of weeks was still there.  He gets around, the photo of him on the fence is at Spring Canyon and the one with the fish is at Fritch Fortress.Osprey (20) (1024x667) Osprey (37) (1024x751)Scissor-tailed Flycatchers are everywhere. This one was with a small flock of about 8 near the amphitheater at Fritch Fortress.Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (173) (1024x745)


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