Ups and Downs

After a rough week at work (put is nearly 70 hours in 4 days) I finally got a chance to get out and bird this morning. I drove up to Palo Duro Lake north of Spearman, Texas and was able to  get a few nice photos of some Northern Bobwhites. It’s amazing what a couple of hours at the lake on a beautiful fall morning can do for you.  Reality struck hard, though when I got home-plumbing problems. The day ended on the positive side, however, as the plumbing is all plumb again and I tasted the beer I’ve made for the holidays (a spiced brown ale) and it was splendid. It’ll be really good with another 2 months aging. The plan is to give it away as Xmas presents if there’s any left.

Here’s the Bobwhites

Northern Bobwhite (23) (1024x724)

Northern Bobwhite (26) (1024x810)

Northern Bobwhite (27) (1024x723)

The photos aren’t as good but I also saw a Bald Eagle,Bald Eagle (36) (1024x737)

some American White Pelicans,American White Pelican (2) (1024x599)

an American Pipit,American Pipit (1024x701)

and a Greater YellowlegsGreater Yellowlegs (57) (1024x664)

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