Last Weeks of October

I didn’t get out much the last few weeks of October and the few times I did, the weather was not cooperative. Cloudy skies, rain, and wind kept my excursions short, but I did manage to bring home a few good shots.  The outing were a much needed opportunity to recharge after difficult days, both at work and at home.

Pine SiskinsPine Siskin (11) (1024x682) Pine Siskin (14) (1024x643)

Great Blue HeronGreat Blue Heron (155) (1024x663)

A Pied-billed Grebe and some Ruddy DucksRuddy Duck and Pied-billed Grebe (1024x666)

White-crowned SparrowWhite-crowned Sparrow (96) (1024x697) White-crowned Sparrow (99) (1024x794)

Pied-billed GrebePied-billed Grebe (8) (1024x638)

Marsh WrenMarsh Wren (11) (1024x652) Marsh Wren (9) (1024x705)

Northern Cardinal femaleNorthern Cardinal (92) (1024x679)

and a maleNorthern Cardinal (94) (1024x718)

Brown ThrasherBrown Thrasher (12) (1024x690) Brown Thrasher (11) (1024x684)

White-throated SparrowWhite-throated Sparrow (4) (1024x813) White-throated Sparrow (12) (1024x684)

House Finch and a female Northern CardinalHouse Finch and Northern Cardinal (1024x719)

Spotted TowheeSpotted Towhee (15) (1024x684)

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