Scaled Quail

I ran across these Scaled Quail at Fritch Fortress the other morning. Scaled Quail (or Blue Quail as they are called around here) aren’t as common in this area as the Bobwhites are and so I was happy to be able to get a few photos of them.  The morning was very overcast and so the colors aren’t as vivid as I’d like, but you can still see that they are beauitful birds.Scaled Quail (10) (1024x667) Scaled Quail (9) (1024x751) Scaled Quail (7) (1024x706)It was a bit foggy at Spring Canyon that morning, as well, Here’s a pair of American Wigeons and a Lesser Scaup

American Wigeon and Lesser Scaup (1024x655)

Hooded Mergansers

Hooded Merganser (1024x702)

Another shot of the American Wigeon

American Wigeon (4) (1024x825)

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