Bald Eagles at Palo Duro Lake

I took a drive up to Palo Duro Lake in Hansford County this morning after I got off work.  It’s a nice drive and I get most of the world’s problems solved by the time I get there. Then I get distracted by the birds and forget the details of my world saving plan.

Oh, well. Here’s a Bald Eagle I saw this morning.  There were two, but none of the photos of the other turned out.Bald Eagle (44) (1024x595) Bald Eagle (42) (1024x686) Bald Eagle (39) (1024x689)


I also saw a small flock of Mountain BluebirdsMountain Bluebird (27) (1024x717)

and on the way home I photographed this a Pied-billed Grebe at lake Meredith’s Spring Canyon.Pied-billed Grebe (9) (1024x726)

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