Bright, Sunshiny Day

Finally, the sun is out on a day that I’m off work, not exhausted, and have no pressing personal obligations.  There have been very few sunny days for the last month. Mostly they’ve been so depressingly dark and colorless that I could barely make myself crawl out of bed.  I did go birding on a few of them but I never even unpacked my camera and the light was so poor that I could only identify birds that were fairly close or that had distinctive shapes or movements.  The days that were sunny were days that I worked.  It is so frustrating to see posts on ebird about birds in your area when you are tied up at work, especially if they are birds I’ve never seen, like the Black-throated Sparrow or the Western Scrub Jay that were spotted out at the lake earlier this month.. I went out on the days after they were reported (dark, dreary days) but was unable to locate them.

Today, was a good day though, I got off work at 0700 this morning after a fairly easy shift (the flu season seems to be letting up a bit, but will probably ramp back up later this winter,) the clouds were gone, the wind was light and so I headed up to Palo Duro Reservoir in Hansford Co.  That lake has almost disappeared, and there was almost no waterfowl therre at all. I saw a tree full of Cedar Waxwings and Mountain Bluebirds though and that was worth the trip.Cedar Waxwing and Mountain Bluebird (2) (1024x597) Cedar Waxwing (3) (1024x672) Cedar Waxwing (1024x683) Cedar Waxwing (3) (1024x687)


Female Mountain BluebirdMountain Bluebird (30) (1024x691) Mountain Bluebird (31) (1024x648)

I also saw a downy Woodpecker,Downy Woodpecker (17) (1024x688)

Greater RoadrunnerGreater Roadrunner (185) (1024x683)

Bald Eagle.Bald Eagle (46) (1024x678)

On the way home I stopped by Spring Canyon at Lake Meredith and saw a CanvasbackCanvasback (8) (1024x662)

Redhead, American Coot.Redhead and American Coot (1024x629)

American Wigeons from a few days ago.american Wigeon (8) (1024x658)

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