Pictures from Spring Canyon

I took a few photos at Spring Canyon this morning-nothing too exciting, not like a Sedge Wren or anything, but some nice photos at any rate.  The weather was overcast and kind of windy, but it is the Texas Panhandle and wind is always expected and we never complain about clouds (well, actually, I do, but only if they don’t bring us any rain.)

A Black-necked Stilt and some Blue-winged TealBlack-necked Stilt and Blue-winged Teal (2) (1024x742) Black-necked Stilt and Blue-winged Teal (3) (1024x647)

Yellow-headed BlackbirdYellow-headed Blackbird (26) (1024x710) Yellow-headed Blackbird (27) (1024x719)

Cliff Swallows gathering mud for nestsCliff Swallow (19) (1024x684) Cliff Swallow (20) (1024x684) Cliff Swallow (21) (1024x684)Savannah Sparrow (I think)Savannah Sparrow (3) Savannah Sparrow (4)

Great Horned Owl (this photo was taken at Fritch’s City Park)Great Horned Owl (72) (1024x684)

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