Photos from Early May

Here’s a few photographs from earlier in May that I haven’t gotten around to posting. May has been an interesting month with lots of rain and much cooler than normal temps.The lake is rising (up to 46.77 today from 26.5 36 months ago) and the countryside is greener than I’ve seen in quite a while.  The only downside is that it has been too wet to get the corn and milo crops planted and the wheat harvest is due to start in a few weeks, but it needs to dry out some before the wheat can ripen and the combines can get into the fields. The playas are filling up in the area and that’s always a plus for birders.

Here’s the pictures.

Turkey Vultures drying out after a wet night.Turkey Vulture (9) (1024x683)

Savannah SparrowSavannah Sparrow (16) (1024x727)

Spotted SandpiperSpotted Sandpiper (36) (1024x721)

Blue Grosbeak in Salt CedarBlue Grosbeak (75) (1024x638)

Migrating Common Loon taking a break before continuing northCommon Loon (30) (1024x625) Common Loon (29) (1024x673)

Rock Wren singing his heart outRock Wren (152) (1024x722)

Black-crested Titmouse’s morning bathBlack-crested Titmouse (5) (1024x684)

Lark BuntingLark Bunting (9) (1024x642)Lark Bunting (10) (1024x718)

Cassin’s Sparrow in a mesquite bushCassin's Sparrow (12) (1024x714)

Red-headed Woodpecker bug huntingRed-headed Woodpecker (87) (1024x627)


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