Bewick’s Wren

I saw this Bewick’s Wren at the southwestern end of Lake Meredith in a camping area called McBride Canyon.  Even at it’s fullest, I dont think the lake ever made it this far south, but the Canadian River, when it’s flowing is about a mile from here. Also nearby is the Alibates Flint Quarry, where local indigenous people quarried flint for arrows, spears, knives, scrapers and for trading with other groups of Native Americans.  If you ever get to the Texas Panhandle you should take the Alibates tour. The ranger at the quarry is very knowledgeable and is quite an accomplished napper (one who naps, or shapes, flint tools.)

Bewick’s Wrens are one of three species of wrens I’ve seen in the area.  Rock Wrens are more common and I’ve seen a few Marsh Wrens around in the winter at Spring Canyon on the other end of the lake. This pair might have been protecting a nest because the were very vocal about my presence and did not seem inclined to leave. I was able to get quite close for a few shots, then I left them to their business.Bewick's Wren (48) (1024x679) Bewick's Wren (46) (1024x652) Bewick's Wren (44) (1024x700) Bewick's Wren (43) (1024x669) Bewick's Wren (40) (1024x684) Bewick's Wren (39) (907x1024)


This Cooper’s Hawk was at Palo Duro Reservoir this morning.  Cooper’s Hawks are common winter visitors, but it is really unusual to see them this time of the year. Sorry about the photo quality, it was a very overcast day and the hawk was in the deep shade.


Cooper's Hawk (7) (1024x684)


A few more shots from PDR

Northern CardinalNorthern Cardinal (106) (1024x684)

Tree SwallowTree Swallow (32) (1024x740)

Killdeer and some sort of shorebird.  Killdeer are common there shouldn’t bee any other shorebirds around here in the summer, but there they are.  Spotted Sandpipers and Upland Sandpipers spend summers just north of us, in Oklahoma and Colorado, but this doesn’t really look like like an UPSA. Could be a Juvenile SPSA. I thought they looked like Semi-palmated Sandpipers but they spend summers in far northern Canada around Hudson Bay. If anyone knows what they are let me in on it.Killdeer and peeps (1024x706)

Wild Turkey hens and chicksWild Turkey (49) (1024x684)

Bullock’s OrioleBullock's Oriole (83) (1024x718)

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