It’s a Small World

In my wanderings over the past few weeks I’ve come across a few youngsters out exploring their world. They edge further and further from mom as they grow bolder, nervously glancing around, always ready to bolt to maternal safely at the slightest sound or movement.

I thought you might enjoy a few photos of the next generation.

Ring-necked PheasantRing-necked Pheasant fledglings (4) (1024x661) Ring-necked Pheasant fledglings (6) (1024x671)

American CootAmerican Coot and fledglings (9) (1024x599) American Coot Fledglings (5) (1024x672)

Blue-winged TealBlue-winged Teal Fledglings (5) (1024x691)

Bullock’s OrioleBullock's Oriole (88) (1024x684)

Lark SparrowLark Sparrow (72) (1024x671)

Grasshopper Sparrow Grasshopper Sparrow (1024x694)

European Starlings (juveniles just starting to molt into their adult plumage)European Starling (12) (1024x646) (1024x646)

Killdeer ( from an earlier post)Killdeer (45) (1024x684)

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