Then and Now

The last two summers have been beautiful, especially when compared to summers over the last decade or so.  We had gotten used to days and weeks of temperatures over 100 degrees, dry, brown grass and trees, very little rain, devastating grass fires, and dry, hot southwest winds. There have only been a few days in the last two summers that even hit 100. Average rainfall for our area is around 22 inches and we have not met that average in many years. In 2013 we received half that amount. Already this year we are around 30 inches of rainfall and are expecting a wetter winter than we’ve had in a while as well. Lake Meredith is up to 60 and a half feet after dropping to a little over 26 feet in August of 2013.  60 ft is still a long way from being full (about 20% full according to the state) but it is so much better than it has been in years. It’s wonderful to see boaters and skiers out on the lake again. I thought I’d share a few before and after pics with you today. Here’s a map of Lake Meredith, or at least what it would look like if it was full at about 104 ft. The Moore Co./Hutchinson Co. line runs north/south. The southwest end of the lake is currently a little northeast of the Potter Co./Moore Co line. At it’s lowest the southwest end of the lake was just southwest of Fritch Fortress.

Arrowhead Peninsula in 2012IMG_8800 (1024x445)

Arrowhead Island a few days ago.IMG_6119 (1024x661)

The view south from Fritch Fortress in August of 2012IMG_8820 (1024x441)

October 2012IMG_2269 (1024x476)Fritch Fortress earlier this monthIMG_6114 (1024x683)

Harbor Bay in early fall 2012

Sunset at Harbor Bay (1024x501)

Padding west out of Harbor Bay headed across the lake to Martins Canyon earlier this week (Martins Canyon is just out of frame to the right in the 2012 photo)20150822_081614 (1024x576)

Paddling southwest from Martins Canyon along the shoreline of the lake20150822_082259 (1024x569)

Double-crested Cormorants in the reed beds on the southwest end of the lake (about a mile southwest of the vantage point of the 2012 photo)


20150822_082605 (1024x571)

In the Canadian River Channel southwest of where it empties into Meredith (about as far as you can see in the 2012 photo.)

20150822_084459 (1024x566)

Oh, okay here’s a bird photo. A Greater Roadrunner in a tree off the Harbor Bay access road.Greater roadrunner (200) (1024x684)

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